Relaxtion Tape

by Total Unicorn

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Eve McGivern
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Eve McGivern Caught these guys in Austin recently, and why these guys aren't absolutely massive is beyond me. Seeing them live will give you a total package of psychedelic light show, costume (they wear unicorn heads), dancing and funky beats, but the sound alone is a mesh of downtempo glitch psychedelic electronica that will gently warp your mind and move your feet. Highly recommended for grooving. They have all the best mix of invention and dance and visuals in a single package...and it's so much fun. Favorite track: Whole Lot of Louvre.
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Many knees ago, Lyman 'Corn Wizard Venti' (CWV) was camped among the Baltimores with the true husk of his heart. In the Valley of the Goodwill, alone in the temple of thrift, he found hidden amongst the musty shelves a cassette with a cowboy and mandala adorning it’s sheath. He spake aloud the word, ‘Relaxation’, and it echoed across the canyon. The sonic document was left with his mate in her living compartment. She discovered that listening to it inspired transcendent, altered states. Colors became sound. Sound became taste. Taste became really, really tasty. This was the time of her art-stream training and she contained many toxic stress particles. This recording delivered succor and was in heavy rotation, just on weekends at first, and then daily.

One day CWV had ideas for some new jams, and in his haste to 'capture the magic', he inadvertently 'enhanced' the tape by recording over its original program material. The tracks recorded on this tape were imbued with deep transcendental power, as were the dances and animations that were spawned by these alien sounds. Although it impregnated the new tracks with such chimerical power, CWV came to regret recording over the tape, as it has prevented his life partner from achieving the altered states she relied upon for inspiration and mental clarity. Total Unicorn continues to actively search for another copy of this tape, but it has thus far proven elusive. If a tape fitting this description is found, we would deeply appreciate the finder sending it to us. We would gladly make them a copy. Thank you in advance.


released October 30, 2015

Music by Lyman Hardy III (Corn Wizard Venti)
Additional vocals on Whole Lot of Louvre by Mary Mendenhall
Artwork by Stephen Fishman (Microcorn Eagle Vision) and Lindsey (Cornette) Taylor
Mastered by Cory Allen



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Total Unicorn Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Hanuman
Hanuman, the Monkeyman.